Prescription Policy

When consulting with a provider from MyFace2FaceMD™, an online evaluation of your medical condition will be performed.  Based on these findings and in accordance with standard of care, if a prescription is required, one will be electronically sent to your chosen pharmacy.  This will be determined by the provider and medical condition.  However, please be advised that a medical consultation does not guarantee that a prescription will be written.  Prescriptions will be limited in supply, and all state and federal regulations will be followed.

Elective medications, off-label use medications, narcotic medication as well as other medications which may be harmful secondary to their potential for abuse will not be written for by the MyFace2FaceMD™ providers.  In addition, prescriptions for controlled substances, as regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency, will not be prescribed.  To check the classification of a medication, you can visit the DEA Controlled Substances Schedule.